Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rethinking Cello

It has been a couple weeks since I really pushed hard on the cello. I have been practicing daily, and I am seeing good progress. I have decided to make a change to my cello goals. First off, my initial goal was to play well enough so that I could perform in chamber group or at church. Then, I actually thought that I would like to play well enough to play professionally (in trio for weddings or other events). Now, though, I have decided that I want to pursue the cello simply because I love this instrument. I am no longer going to push myself to achieve a goal that would required significant practice and a dedicated study schedule. Partly this is due to the fact that I am already on a goal/path for graduate study. I am getting my MA in English Literature so that I can teach college level composition courses. Upon completion in May 2012, I plan to enroll at ASU to finish a PhD in English (Rhetoric, Composition and Linquistics). This degree will require about 4 years of additional study, but will enable me to teach at a University. This goal along with my full-time work needs top priority. I cannot do more than what I am able to do, so my desire for cello, which is still strong and important to me, will now become a passionate endeavor based solely on pleasing the One who is the Author of all Music.

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