Monday, July 5, 2010

Cello Update

Time for a cello chat. I am now seven months into my cello lessons and have successfully played through Suzuki Book 2 and about 1/3 of Book 3. I had hoped to be further along by now, but realize that it is OK to take it a little slower through Book 3. I am focusing on playing well, and on trying to replicate the CD. My teacher says not to expect to be able to play well for a long time, and I am sure she is correct in this (after all, she has been teaching violin for almost 50 years!!) Still, I cannot imagine not playing well right away. I mean, why even try, why even practice, if you only will play marginally well. I don't want to be marginal at all; I want to play well. So there you have it, my goal is to play the cello well.

I have learned a lot over the last seven months. I can now play fiddle music -- and let me tell you -- it is a lot harder than it sounds! Oh my goodness!! Fiddle music actually has helped me play the cello better -- whether it is classical music or for ensemble. It has helped my timing and my rhythm. I am glad I stuck Basic Fiddler's Philharmonic out, and didn't give up after failing on "Oats, Peas and Beans!" LOL!!

Some samples for posterity!

Note: My cello really needs new strings, and you can hear it on these samples. Plus, I was nervous and made many mistakes. Oh well...enjoy and in three or four months, perhaps I will listen and think "WOW, I am really getting better at this cello thing!"

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