Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson 7/29/2010

My lesson today was great! My sight reading is getting really good, and I pretty much can play along with my teacher on new pieces -- first time through! God is SO GOOD TO ME! I do need some new music, though. I am getting really tired of playing Book 3, and I have finished Basic Philharmonic Fiddlers and Strictly Strings Book 2. I whined to my teacher and she graciously gave me her copy of American Fiddle tunes for cello. I am in the pink, so they say, and am happily learning some new fiddle tunes. I will be heading out to Central Music to pick up Fiddler's Philharmic and the Encore book this weekend, but for now, I am very contented to learn these new pieces.

American Tunes: This collection contains 16 traditional fiddling tunes from across North America. They are arranged in a theme and variation format, typical of American fiddling. The authentic fiddling style harmonies are written so that various combinations from solo instrument with piano to duets and trios to full string quartet/orchestra are possible. Includes cello melody (solo), cello harmony and piano accompaniment. American Fiddle Tunes for Solo and Ensemble books are written as ensemble books, so they can be played as solo books with piano accompaniment or together as ensemble.

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