Thursday, July 8, 2010

Signs of Improvement

Today, I have my lesson. I have been feeling so down about my skill lately -- lots of mistakes, brain freezing right in the middle of piece of music, etc. But, yesterday was incredibly good. Chamber practice went so well, and I actually was able to keep up (when I got behind), and I enjoyed playing my part (with the violin in the lead). We sounded so GOOD!

I just finished practicing for my lesson, and have a boost of confidence to send me on my way. I have been working on keeping my thumb in the correct first position hold (thanks to a velcro tab placed there by my teacher). She asked me to play through as much of Suzuki Book 2 as I could with my thumb firmly planted in it's correct spot. I tend to float (as do most new students -- on violin and viola too). It is a common problem and it causes misplaced fingers especially on the critical notes of F# and G on the D string (on cello). I am either flat or sharp, but not when I need to be (make sense?)

Oh my, what a difficult exercise, but with practice I am getting better at keeping my thumb put. Also, when I shift into 2nd or 3rd position, I am more careful to plant my thumb where it belongs. It has helped me be more accurate in placement, and therefore, I am hitting less missed notes (Hooray!)

So, I am off to my lesson in about 10 minutes, and am excited about the prospect of it. I am doing so much better, and I am finding such enjoyment now in playing with other people. Truly, there is nothing better than playing as a group. It is fine to play solo work, but group ensemble play beats it by a long shot. I am glad for this experience and I know what I have learned already will benefit me greatly when I play at church or for another event. Yea!

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