Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cello and Practice

I picked up my old Kay cello from my teacher's house. She removed the pegs, cleaned them, applied some special stuff to help them move better, and then cleaned everything up for me. The good news -- I am in tune; the bad news -- I need new strings. This cello was given to my son as a gift from a dear elderly man. It had been sitting in his home for over 14 years. He had tried to play it, but suffered from tonal issues (hard of hearing). He never could learn to play it correctly. I was blessed to have received it, and it has served me very well. The strings, however, are in bad shape and then do need to be replaced. The cost of strings, wholesale, will be nearly $100. I am having a hard time factoring that in because this cello is plywood and is really old. Is it worth the investment? Probably not.

So, I have been playing my teacher's cello for the past week. It has nice sound, but is setup awkwardly, and I have a lot of string crossing issues. I have to really apply myself and I am not sure it is worth playing her cello for much longer.

With that, here is my dilemma -- I need a new cello, a fairly decent one that will last me a while. I don't have the cash for one, and am not in a position where I can make payments. I am stuck, at the least, until the Lord brings me a new cello.

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