Thursday, June 17, 2010

Practice Thursday

More practice notes -- my teacher's cello and I are becoming friends. I will admit that I am partial to my old Kay cello, but her's has a nice sound and I like it. It is different than mind, the bridge is set higher, the strings a bit farther apart. I have to be more deliberate with my bowing -- but heck -- when is that not a good thing? I also am finding that my finger placement is better on her cello than mine. I tend to go sharp or flat and with hers I hit the right note more often than not. A very good thing, says this cellist!

I am off to my lesson in about 10 minutes. I have to take both cellos -- she is going to try and fix my D string and work on getting my pegs not to slip so much. I am just glad to be having lessons today. I was at the vet most of the am, then got back home and knocked out some practice before I head to her home.

Cello woes -- gotta just love the cello and stringed instruments! I do!

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