Friday, June 25, 2010

Practice 6/24/2010

Another really good practice session today. I am gearing up to begin playing along with the Suzuki CD. I have tried this before, but the CD cellist is too fast for me. My teacher thinks they record all the CD music at too fast a pace for students (she says the same thing is true for Violin and Viola). My teacher has me play at the correct tempo whenever possible, so she never can understand why the Suzuki player doesn't do the same thing. Oh well!

I have picked out two songs that I think I can play along with the CD:

The Two Grenadiers by R. Schumman (Book 2)
Berceuse by F. Schubert (Book 3)

My goal for the rest of this week (until my lesson on next Thursday) is to learn to play these along with the CD, paying close attention to phrasing and the subtle nuances of the performer. I think I can do it, and have been listening to the CD, then going and practicing to duplicate his intonation and style. I am getting better, just not perfect yet. I hope to start working more closely, playing along with the CD on Friday (today).

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