Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lesson 6/10/2010

Lesson was Ok today. I didn't get a chance to practice, but I went any way. I did pretty well, considering the week I have had. I decided to focus on my performance ability, and over the summer, concentrate on playing the cello well, rather than trying to continue move up through the Suzuki performance books. I am about half way through Book 3, and my playing is just so-so. I really would like to play these pieces as they were written to be played. So my plan for the summer is this:
  • Review Book 1 and 2 material and begin playing along with the Suzuki CD for vols. 1-2
  • Continue to work on Book 3 and listen to the music (without attempting to play it -- unless I feel confident I can do so well).
  • Do the same with my Basic Fiddlers music -- work on performance and presentation skill

I think that by focusing on my performance skill now, I will be able to progress much faster once I get into Book 4. It is more difficult to be precise on harder pieces of music. The easier ones will afford me the opportunity to play them well, get enjoyment from the process, and hopefully build confidence in my ability to play in group or solo settings.

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