Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lesson 5/26/2010

I finished my lesson for today and it was good! I really am getting so much better on the cello. My teacher thinks I have excellent tone -- so do I. I can hear myself now and I sound so much better!!

My new pieces for this week include:
  • Rondo by Henry Purcell (Strictly Strings Book 2)
  • Gavotte in C Minor by JS Bach (Suzuki Book 3)
  • Devil's Dream (Memorize -- Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic)
  • as well as and Etude by Carl Schroder
Oh yes, I am also writing an Etude in G Major for Friday (I need to work on that one today).

Overall, I am really so pleased to be progressing this well. I see great improvement each week, and I am coming to love playing the cello more and more.

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