Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Violin and Cello

My son is asking me for a violin. He has had one before, twice actually. We still have his 3/4 violin, but it cannot be played (unless you have really tiny fingers). We sold his 4/4 violin to help offset the cost of a guitar. We should have kept that one, but who'd of thought he would change his mind three years later (me -- I should have thought that!)

I was surprised at how well he played the little one last evening. His fingers are too large for it, so it was next to impossible to really play it. But, he did OK.

I will try and find a good used violin for him to mess with -- I don't think he wants to focus on it. He is pretty settled on guitar and piano (oh yes, and drums, and saxophone and now trumpet!) LOL!

Just blogging about our musical interests here...I am still plugging away on cello, while my son is playing every instrument he can get his hands on! God is so Good to us!!

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