Saturday, May 15, 2010

Practice Times Two

About 9:00 tonight, I decided to go and play the cello. Weird, huh? I had already done my mini-recital this afternoon, and practiced for next week. I don't normally play more than once per day (fingers and all), but I just needed something to do -- so I did it.

I am not sure if this a good thing or not (I think so), but I guess it means that I am getting good enough to want to play for enjoyment. Before, I was just practicing and trying to learn my new pieces. Now, I find myself wanting to go and play cello. I think it is like my son and his guitar. He always has that thing plugged in. He just plays guitar all day long. He is really good, too! I think this must mean that I have turned the corner from struggling beginning-intermediate cellist, to a cellist that enjoys playing for herself.

I played through all my pieces again, but this time, just played them for the enjoyment of playing them. I listened to the music, worked on intonation and bowing, and just simply enjoyed the sound the cello was producing. I think I need to get some more cello books, perhaps contemporary music, just things I can play fairly easily and enjoy.

As a side note, I finally have gotten the tricky part of "Turkey and the Straw" down. Oh, that was so hard to do, but I got it, and it sounds right now. Fun -- I like playing fiddle music.

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