Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesdays Practice

I returned to my regularly scheduled practice time, and it did help. I have been scheduling time in the mid-day for practice, and then got a bit behind and moved it up to evening. I am just not as fresh in the evening anymore.

Today's practice was good. I am working on several pieces for lessons this week:
  • Scherzo by Webster (Suzuki Book 3)
  • The Two Blacksmiths by Handel (Strictly Strings Book 2)
  • Bouree (from Water Music) also by Handel (Strictly Strings Book 2)
  • Jenny Lind Polka, Mississipi Sawyer and Liberty (Ok, Turkey in the Straw too!) from Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic
  • Etude 20 by C. Schroder (Alwin Schroeder Foundational Studies)
I've got the Scherzo down except for shifting from 1st to 2nd to 4th in rapid succession. Oh my -- that is the tricky part -- I still stop and start there (slight break -- not terrible, but not as it should be). The Handel pieces are coming along well. The Fiddler pieces are a challenge to me. This book, for beginning ensemble players, is so difficult. I am glad I bought the beginner one and not the more difficult one. The Etude is always fun -- I love Schroders Studies book -- and feel like I make great improvement the more I play these pieces.

Other than squeaking, which I see now is more position and crossing my A string when I am play G on the D string (it happens at this exact moment), and the buzzing (which is me turning my bow too far and touching the wood to the strings), I am content to know that the noises are not really Satan in there, and just me practicing with bad form! LOL! I was getting pretty depressed the other day, but then last week was pretty hellish for me (kidney stone, my elderly cat needing to be put down, etc.) A bad combo and then add in awful noises from my beloved cello -- and well -- you can fill in the rest. I was ready to pack in the whole gig!

Better today, a good practice under my belt, and am now enjoying some fine Yo-Yo Ma music (Cello Concerto in G Minor by Kabelevsky). A good end to a good day.

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