Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Art of Playing Cello

The Art of Cello Playing by Louis Potter
Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. (1980)
ISBN 0874870712

I am going to purchase this book next week. I read the review on Amazon, and think it will be beneficial to me. I am a book-learning type person (give me a manual or method book, and I pretty much can teach myself!) I am ready to really dig into the art of cello playing, to look at it from a technical standpoint.

I am a puzzle-solver. I like putting puzzles together, and taking them a part. I actually prefer to deconstruct things, and use this method to help me learn how things work. I do this with just about any thing I need to learn: I study it, I analyze it, and then I start taking it a part. Once I have the pieces identified, then I put it back together. This entire process helps me see the individual parts as well as the whole picture. It is how my brain is wired, and how I do just about everything.

I think my cello study will improve once I can deconstruct the nuances of technique. I realize that practice, practice, and more practice is the ticket to good success; but, I also need to really "see" how something is done (how a move is made) before I can learn how to refine it.

Anyway, this is my plan. Just another book to add to my list of reading!

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