Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lesson 2

Today's lesson was great! Oh, I think I am making progress, for sure!!

I came prepared to play Lully's Gavotte and Bach's March in D. I also passed my scales (my teacher is having a scale master's contest). I did C Minor instead of G Minor (reversed them), but still passed. I have just G Minor to finish and then I will have learned all the scales in my method book (hooray!)

My teacher played her violin on Lully's Gavotte, just to help me with timing. It really helped. I find her playing along with me to be beneficial (plus it just sounds so GOOD!) I love the violin and cello together -- they complement one another so well.

I really struggled on the March (it is such a hard piece -- from Strictly Strings Cello 2). I will need to practice it more this week, and hopefully can put it "to bed" by next week (Friday, perhaps).

I also watched a really good video on You Tube before my lesson, and got some good instruction on practicing vibrato. Violinists do vibrato differently than cellists, so my teacher wasn't quite sure how to show me. I will watch this video again, and start practicing the suggested technique over the next few weeks.

All in all, a very good lesson. I am thinking now that I will record myself playing Lully's Gavotte sometime next week. I will post it on You Tube as a record of my actual playing ability. I want to wait until I can play it without too many errors (and at a relatively moderate speed -- now I am about 60-76 bpm; I would like to be at 100 bpm).

I am excited about my learning, and feel very confident that I am going to play the cello really well. Now, on to more practice!!

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