Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lesson 4/28/10

Today's lesson was so-so. I was disappointed with my nervousness. Some days I go to my lesson and am calm as a clam. Other days, I just am jittery and nervous. I read on a blog today that lesson times can bring on performance anxiety, and I think this is correct. I shouldn't be nervous -- I love my cello teacher -- it is just that I practice so hard, and I want to show off what I have learned. Oh well...

On the other end, I am starting to play fiddle music. My cello teacher suggested that I learn some basic fiddle tunes, just to keep my practice sessions fun. I have been working on classical pieces only, so fiddle music is a nice change of pace. It will also help me with my rhythm, and stress new skills. Overall, I am still happy with my progress (even if my cello was being very squeaky today).

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