Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Better Practice Today

I had a pretty good practice session today (so I am feeling better). I have decided to make sure to end each session with something positive. This way, while I may have struggled through some tough things, I will end on a high note (pun intended!)

My current study materials include:
  • 170 Foundational Studies by Alwin Schroeder
  • Violoncello Book 2 by Karl Schroeder (brother to above)
  • Cello Book 3 (Suzuki)
  • Strictly Strings Book 2 (Alfred Music)
My practice routine is as follows:
  • Method Book: #57 and #58 shift exercises (scale work in 1-5th positions) - playing through each one 3xs to become comfortable with shifting positions.
  • Scale Review for above: Review of C Major and D Major so that I remember finger placement - 1x
  • Foundational Studies Book: exercise #14, played several times through until I can do it well
  • Suzuki Book 3: Gavotte by Lully, played 10-12 times, various sections. Focusing on good intonation and finger shifting (especially 2/3rd string)
  • Strictly Strings Book 2: March in D by Bach, played 2-3xs to get more comfortable with sight reading (no numbers) and stressing reading notation for 1st and 4th finger (D and G String - which I always reverse)
Normally, this entire process takes me about 45-60 minutes each day. Today, I did much better on the Gavotte and made it all the way through Bach with minor errors. I ended my practice with Suzuki Book 2 -- replaying some easier pieces (Musette by Bach, Two Grenadiers by Schumman, and Gavotte by Gossec -- the last being much easier now!) It was a great reminder to me that I am making good progress. I was able to play these pieces from Book 2 fairly well, and some even with greater ease. I am well-pleased for the day.

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