Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am so frustrated today. I went to my lesson, after a rather awful practice session. My entire attitude was not good, I was feeling blue, and really didn't even want to be there. I gave it my best, but the result was awful. I feel so ashamed because I love my teacher, and she is doing this for me as a favor. I need to show up with a good attitude each time I meet with her. Sigh!

Ok, enough of my whining...I will not do this again, because I know better, and I am a responsible adult. I know enough to shape up and pull myself together. Ahem.

Some insights:

I finished the Gavotte and am now working on the next peice by Bocherini. It is a good piece, and I have played it through before. I am struggling all of sudden to read notes. Not sure where this came from, because before I started on that awful Bach piece, I had no issues reading notes. I think it has messed with my mind -- so I have to give it up and take back the control and tell myself that I can read the notes!!

I am also working on shifting exercises. I am rethinking whether or not I should continue with Schroeder's book 2. It is really, really hard. I am wondering if there is an easier method book to use.

Well, that is all for now. I passed my scales, got my Kit Kat bar, and have since devoured it. Chocolate actually makes me feel better, so there cello!

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