Friday, April 9, 2010

Lesson 1

Today was my first lesson in Book 3. I tanked. I cannot explain it, but even with some practice, I just froze and forgot everything I learned last week about postions 3-5. Oh well, good thing my cello teacher is so sweet. She is SUPER and so very kind. I just love her, love her, love her.

I need to work hard on practicing for Lully's Gavotte and also Bach's March in D (from Strictly Strings, Book 2). Both are pretty difficult pieces to play. I am getting better, but slowly. Oh, I am so impatient. Why can't I play better NOW (with my very best Varooka whine -- from C&TCF a la Gene Wilder)!!

Just Some Fun

Me in 4th Position

Me Practicing "I Love My Cello"

Me - Scales G Minor

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