Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revisiting Bach

Ok, so now you know it...I am hard headed and stubborn. I simply do not give up that easily. I really got fed up with Bach's March in D. I tried, tried, and tried to play this piece, and no matter how many times I worked through it, I simply couldn't do it. I rather pitifully gave up on it today. I whined to my teacher, took my lumps, and passed through it. I felt like a total failure for being such a wimp about playing this piece.

I have been thinking about it over and over this day. I have decided to not let it go. I am not going to allow this piece to win. I am going to keep on playing it until I AM SATISFIED that I can play it. It might not be good or even worth the time, but I am not giving up until I am ready to give up on it.

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