Monday, April 26, 2010

Practice was SO GOOD

Last evening, I had a wonderful practice session. Oh, I am seeing such good progress, and it is exciting to me. I am still working on my assigned pieces, and am still struggling through Schroeder's method book 2 (ugh!); but, I can see my hard work paying off. The method book is very difficult, much different than Book 1, which consisted of scales and etudes. This book does have etudes, but they are all in Tenor Clef (not there yet). The beginning pages are shift exercises and they are so darn hard. I can see, though, that with continued practice, I am getting more comfortable shifting back and forth and also I am getting faster -- which is a bonus. The second book I am working through slowly is also a Schroeder Method book. This book is by Carl's brother, Alwin, and consists of 170 foundational cello studies. I am only on #20, but it is runs and runs and runs of scale work. I have seen huge progress in my ability to run through notes simply because of the etudes in this book. For example, I am learning Boccherini's Minute (from Suzuki Book 3), and there are three sections where I have to do a very lively run. I used to play these parts in stop-fashion (four notes, stop, and then the next four). Now, I can play through the entire run, AND still pay more attention to the longer held quarter notes. It is all of dynamics, and it is finally happening for me. I am getting to the point where I can multi-task without a brain overload (hooray!)

Anyhoo -- just gushing because I ended my cello practice with a big KISS (for the cello, that is). I love playing the cello, I just love this instrument. I love that I am getting better, more able to play these pieces, and that while I still get frustrated, it is not like a brick wall type of frustration. It is the "my fingers won't do that" kind of frustration, and I know that is overcome with more practice (and not trying to scale an impossible wall!) I am jazzed, psyched, and geared up to really, really take off here -- any day now! Cello, I love you!!

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